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CIVIL WAR WEBSITES  Extensive history of St. Louis &  Missouri, book reviews, &  much more  This is a museum being put together in St. Louis, which has a large picture of Camp Jackson  This museum has many programs and information. They provided the image for the cover of Troubled State.  Information and stories about the men of the 23rd Missouri Volunteers  This is the site for Alton Prison, where Franklin Dick sent prisoners when he was Provost Marshal General in Missouri.  This is a comprehensive list of links and resources compiled by the Missouri Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.  This site has history, tours, and a bookstore.  A good reference list of sites dealing with Missouri and the Civil War  This is a history of the Confederate side of Missouri by Col. John Moore  A good map of Missouri showing all the battles, with information.  Another map of Civil War battles in Missouri, with background information  This site has a chart of the Missouri battles, generals and popular songs  This site is a list of links to Missouri rosters  A good list of links for history teachers about Missouri in the Civil War  A message board about Missouri and the Civil War  The battlefield site for Wilson’s Creek  This site lists by state each of the Civil War Roundtable groups and their links  This organization is for male sons of Confederate veterans  For any descendent of Confederate America to preserve its history and heritage  A list of related sites to Sons of the Confederacy  Daughters of the Confederacy and their work  Civil War photographs  A very comprehensive source by Shotgun  A resource of links  The Civil War Center collections information civil-war Resources about the Civil War  Information on three Civil War women at Duke University  Documents, maps and photographs relating to Richmond, Virginia, in the Civil War  Various sites relating to the artillery used in the Civil War  Battle summaries of Civil War sites  The site for Antietam Battlefield  The Battle of Chickamauga information  About the battles for Chattanooga  The Battle of Fredericksburg  Gettysburg Discussion Group’s links and discussions  Information about Gettysburg Park  History and links to Gettysburg   Manassas Battlefield Park information  VMI archives  Information about the Battle of Bentonville  The Battle of Petersburg information  Links to the Siege of Petersburg  Information about Appomattox Park  Richmond National Battlefield Park   The site of a former history teacher about Abraham Lincoln  This website talks of Walt Whitman’s Drum Taps and his hospital service during the Civil War  Diaries and letters pertaining to the Civil War  This site is about Andersonville Prison  History about the Monitor ironclad  A listing of naval battles  History of the US Navy  Official records of the Union and Confederate Navies  Site about Clara Barton   Interesting accounts of Battles  Stories and links about Arkansas in the Civil War  Documents about Ulysses S. Grant  Washington & Lee’s collection of Lee Papers  This national organization saves historic land and battlefields  Canada sent many men to fight in the civil war and this organization honors them and has reenactments each year  This is a list of links to all the Civil War reenactment organizations around the United States


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