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Healing Myself -- A hero's Primer for Recovery From Tragedy

Healing Myself

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A Hero's Primer for Recovery from Tragedy

Healing Myself - A Hero's Primer for Recovery from TragedyIn 1982, Gari Carter was a model and owner of a successful clothing and gift shop. Traveling with her son to a gift show in Baltimore, she was caught in a heavy snowstorm on a country road in Virginia. A car swerved as it came toward them around a curve, hitting Gari head-on.

Her life was changed forever.

When Gari Carter regained consciousness, she discovered to her horror that her face was gone! Through ten years of multiple surgeries, doctors created a true "bionic woman", gradually rebuilding Gari's jaws, cheekbones, nose and skin, restoring her natural beauty.

But it was Gari's own courage and determination, along with some amazing audio pain-control techniques, which helped her cope and heal her inner scars as well as her face.

This book is a must-read, a universal story of courage, which appeals to all readers




Video Clips & Radio Interviews


Webinar - December 2016

Gari spoke at a webinar for the Monroe Institute on
Tuesday, December 6 at 6pm CST

Gari and her eleven-year-old son were driving to a gift show to find more items for her shop before her next buying trip to New York, when they were hit head-on by a car in a snowstorm. Gari’s son had learned CPR the week before in Cub Scouts, and revived his unconscious mother as she was having a near-death experience. Gari’s next ten years were spent in facial surgical reconstruction, using Monroe Products Hemi-Sync® audios to control pain without anesthesia and medication.   
Webinar Clip:





Monroe Institute - March 2016

March 12-17, 2016, Gari spoke at the Professional Seminar at The Monroe Institute on Hemi-Sync®. The theme was "Healing, Consciousness, and Technology." Her subject was the 20+ years since the publication of Healing Myself.


Gari's Presentation at
The Monroe Institute on Hemi-Sync® Seminar



Video Interviews at The Monroe Institute on Hemi-Sync® Seminar
with Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Sergey Sorin and Dr. Brian Dailey

Part 1


Part 2




Radio Interview - May 2015
Radio interview 5/6/15 with WSLR Radio in Sarasota, FL




Paramount Pictures, "Sightings" program on Gari Carter and her book Healing Myself




TV Talk Show - Kathy Fountain Show



TV Talk Show - Broadcast House Live




Presentation for the Institute of Noetic Sciences




Reviews and Articles


Press Release

MSI News - From the Maxillo Facial Surgery Institute of Florida
An Inspiration for those who Suffer

The Daily Progress - (April 1994)
A Time to Heal

The Free Lance-Star (July 1994)  
After the crash: Triumph of Spirit

Rocky Mountain News - (November 1994)
'Healing' author describes tragedy and triumph

St Petersburg Times Connections (December 1994)
A Return to Beauty

The Celestine Journal Article (December 1994)
Visionaries at Work A Conversation with Gari Carter

Radio-TV Interview Report (June 1995)
A Former Model's Rebirth from a Disfiguring Accident 

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