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Grownups telling family history about relatives in the Civil War were Gari's earliest memories. Her lessons were to learn the stories and pass them on to the next generations.  

Gari graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman's College, and studied at Johns Hopkins University, the University of Virginia, and Middlebury College. She speaks French, Spanish, Italian and English. She held positions at the Embassy of Bolivia, the Embassy of France in Washington; Frontier Airlines in Denver, taught French and Spanish, and opened and ran a successful clothing & gift shop in Virginia.  

Her life then changed abruptly, which is told in her first book, Healing Myself. Gari and her eleven-year-old son were driving to a gift show to find more items for her shop before her next buying trip to New York, when they were hit head-on by a car in a snowstorm. Gari's son had learned CPR the week before in Cub Scouts, and revived his unconscious mother as she was having a near-death experience. Gari's next ten years were spent in facial surgical reconstruction, using the Monroe Institute's audio Surgical Support Series to control pain without anesthesia and medication.  

Her second book, Troubled State: The Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick, took her ten years of research about the diaries of her great-great grandfather and his first-hand account of the initial Civil War event in St. Louis. She is currently working on a manuscript from writings by her great grandfather Col. William James Leonard, leader of a Maryland Civil War Cavalry Legion, who was captured and incarcerated at Libby Prison in Richmond. 

Gari lives and writes in a secluded area in the mountains of western north Carolina.

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